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Here fishy fishy!

Here fishy fishy!

Posted by Ron Murphy on 5th Mar 2015

Wow you made that out of glass?  Yep! is my answer.   This blog is dedicated to many of the fish and sea creatures that I have done. So many of them have been special orders. Usually pe … read more

Glass Classes-

Posted by Ron Murphy on 30th Jul 2014

We have for a time suspended our glassblowing lessons, due to a couple of factors. One is that we have not had lots of interest in them recently and two our retail line has increased a few notches. Ki … read more

Endangered Sea Turtles

Posted by The glass GLOB Ron Murphy on 2nd Jun 2014

In our fragile environment certain species seem to be affected more than other. The Sea Turtle being of the nature that they are have faced more problems than many others. I hope to do a small re … read more
Formed from Nature

Formed from Nature

Posted by The Glob on 27th Feb 2014

Most all of our creations at Glass and Fire have been inspired from the natural forms found in nature. Especially the sea life forms and the animals that make up our world.  I was reading an … read more

From Globs to Glass

Posted by the glob on 2nd Feb 2014

Normally when a glass blower take a glob which is called a gather of glass they only have just a few moments to shape it to the form that they desire. Glass Artists or Glass blowers as they are known … read more