In our fragile environment certain species seem to be affected more than other. The Sea Turtle being of the nature that they are have faced more problems than many others. 

I hope to do a small review with our Blog in the up and coming months that will reveal some of the problems that the 27 different species of Sea Turtle face. 

It is a fact that all of them are endangered.  The biggest questions are why and what can we do to help. In my future blogs I hope to reveal some of those areas that can help us to understand why and what each can do personally to help. 

I am personally going to use my abilities and talents as an artist to promote the awareness needed and get more involved in what ever small way possible to help our little friends out. 

I do know that there are many programs out there and lots of willing organizations that can help more using volunteers and donations.

I will be making a promoting my Sea turtle pendants and making one for each of the Endangered species. Each will have the name of that species. Who ever purchases one of these endangered sea turtle pendants will be helping as we are going to donate a portion of those sales  to an Endangered Sea Turtle organization. 

Our first in the line up is the Hawksbill Sea Turtle and can be found on our web site at the following link:

Please Watch  and Read our future blogs  to keep up with the latest news of the Endangered Sea Turtles.