Formed from Nature

Most all of our creations at Glass and Fire have been inspired from the natural forms found in nature. Especially the sea life forms and the animals that make up our world.  I was reading an article that asked. Who did it first?  Cars that are aerodynamic have been designed after a boxfish that moves through the water with ease because of its aqua-dynamic design.

Most of the designs that we copy are of popular animals such as the Sea Turtle.  We have seven different species on our planet.  All are endangered largely do to man.  Much effort is being put into saving this great creature.  We have friends who enjoy going a seeing these great animals.  Pat from Florida has been a big fan of the ocean and has taken photos of the sea life. Here is a photograph of a Sea Turtle that she has shared with us.  

We have been working closely with Pat because she has had us make sea life jewelry, that she wears to express her love of the ocean and nature.  

Here is a photo of a piece that she commissioned us to do. 


We have done Sea Turtles Pendants and Octopus Jewelry of all types. 

  We are currently working on a series of Dogs. Here is one of our first, A King Charles Spaniel.  


  Have and idea for something from nature let us know. Who knows what nature will come up with next.