Here fishy fishy!

Wow you made that out of glass?  Yep! is my answer.   

This blog is dedicated to many of the fish and sea creatures that I have done. So many of them have been special orders. Usually people see my glass either on or at my site which is and decide to see if I can make them something. The following have been the results.

I just love making custom orders for people. Such as the Mola Mola or Ocean Sun fish above.  Since most of what I make is sea life due to its popularity. I have dedicated much of my time to studying the creatures of the deep and putting my artistic license to work and transforming the viewed sea creature into blown glass art. Most of the time it is blown or sculptured as jewelry.  The biggest body of my work is Sea Turtles and Octopus pendants and jewelry. My blown glass earrings and ring as well as the glass bracelets and pins have done well also.    

Here are some examples of fish and sea creatures that I have recently done as special orders. 

The Squid

The Red Shoulder Peacock Cichlid

The Sword Fish Pendant

The Cuttlefish

The Shark

The Maji Maji fish