Pointing back a few years lets say some 50 plus years ago some thing caught my eye. Being about 10 years old I had my first experience with a glass worker, in Seattle Washington.  It was the year after the worlds fair in Seattle. At the international Bazaar there was a man forming small figures in glass and making them into gifts for people to take home. Little did I know but that started my life long carrier making glass and sharing my work around the world. I am certainly no Dale Chihuly but I have had my moments of inspiration by him.  His art is expressed through what others do for him and it is fantastic. However all my work has its origins from my own two hands. Some may know an expression that I often use is that a creator and his creations are never without each other. My work as an artist has taken on many forms and has had many different and varied sorces of inspiration. My first works were of animals and well my latest works are also of animals. My history of being raised in the western states influenced what I did and what people wanted.  Thus I concentrated on western wild life for many years. After discovering that people were drawn to certain types of animals and birds in nature I decided to focus on those interests  and develop my skills to be able to capture the essence of what makes those particular animals popular. As an artist having this information has lead me to some very interesting discoveries. Now I focus on those designs and creations of nature.  My life history has lead me to where it started-Mexico. I now live part of the year and have a studio not far from Mexico City. I live in what is called the city of eternal spring.  A beautiful place to work and concentrate on my art. It is a city of flowers and birds of all types.  I am able to go to the cost from time to time and study one of my favorite subjects the Sea Turtle. They have about 6 out of the 7 species that live here and what a privileged to be able to help in the release of new baby sea turtles. In contributing to there cause has brought me great joy especially know that what made it possible for me to have that experience was making sea turtles and sharing them around the world. Thanks to my customers world wide I have been able to work both in Mexico and Colorado. Glass is Perfect for Both.