This Octopus Pendant Necklace made with the finest glass available called borocilicate. My name is Ron and I am the creator of the  glass art that you have been viewing.  I specialize in making all forms of blown or sculptured glass jewelry. In our studio we make glass sculptures that are displayed in galleries around the country.  Sea life or ocean animals are a big part of our interest and glass line. I have spent years studing and making wild life and sea life sculpures.  I try to observe them in their natural settings and I try to capture the essence of that in glass.  Glass unlike other forms of sculpturing is very difficult to form. You can not just touch or mold the glass with your bare hands.  It must be manipulated at the end of acouple of glass rods. Gravity is a constant enemy, however it can be use to accomplish your desired results.

This octopus has been the result of my endevor to make glass art available not just to galleries but to the individule.  Thousand of people are now happy owners and proud personal galleries for my work. Yes peronal galleries!  They display my work and as a result are showing it to other art lovers.  Become and peronal gallery!  You will be proud to display the Blue pearl octopus pendant necklace, or any other glass art found here from Glass and fire. 

A little about Octopus.  Octopuses have four pairs of arms.  Octopuses have three hearts. Two pump blood through each of the two gills, while the third pumps blood through the body. The octopus can lose an arm to escape a predator's grasp and re-grow it later with no permanent damage.



Shipping to other countries you may need to inquire. Canada $9.00 Australiaand UK $10.00. Most other countries $12.00 

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