The Blue Sea Turtle Pendant quite popular with both Men and Women. The sea turtle is a symbol of long life and peace. Known to many over the whole earth as a peaceful animal but endangered because of its friendly nature. Hi I am Ron and I was  inspire by the Sea Turtle itself and its slow deliberate movements as it makes its way through the vast ocean in search of who knows what. This magnificent creature has many colors and forms. I have enjoyed  designing this Seaturtle pendant and making it available to you as jewelry. I have  made it for those who love the ocean, beach life and for the scuba divers who have had the unique experience of actually see this great creature in nature.  As beach jewellery the glass sea turtle necklace would be ideal for your next beach party. Look as you may you won't find many sea turtles like those that we do here at Glassnfire.com  Let us know your experience with Sea Turtles.  We would love to hear it!




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I love my new beautiful blown glass turtle necklace.

Sharon Brown on 1st May 2018

Thrilled with workmanship and colors. The black necklace is adjustable which is a plus.