Burt has been working with his father Ron Murphy making glass since he was old enough to sit up to the torch.  This is where you will find his unique ocean-themed glass style. The whole concept of this art and jewelry is to help love and appreciate the ocean and the creatures in it. By highlighting the beauty of the sea and nature through the use of colorful visuals holding the viewer’s gaze captive.

Artist statement

My art is made to help capture that great awesomeness of the ocean and what we witness on those incredibly breathtaking beaches. In my work, you may have seen a sunset that inspired you and you may have seen the release of baby turtles, watching them make a run for it from the beach to the big blue ocean. I never want to forget what I saw and so that being said I want that feeling to show its self in my art.
Art Bio 
Burt Murphy is a glassblowing artist of Tugas glass art, he is from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. He currently lives in a beautiful place in Mexico with two daughters and a beautiful Mexican wife. He is a part-time English teacher to Chinese children online. And also homeschools his two daughters. Both he and his family love the ocean and the wonderful creatures lurking in it.
By binding and shaping the glass with the flames of his torch as fascinating to watch, but the most intriguing is the color and how that comes to light by the manipulation of heat from the intense flame of the torch. Burt is a skilled boro lampworking glass artist.