Class Prices

Learn Glass Art from the  Professionals.




Glass & Fire would like to teach you to work with hot glass!

We use a special glass torch and rods and tubs of glass to make our art.

We provide every thing that you will need for the class, especially how to do it safely. We only can teach students 16 years old and up. 16 and 17 year old students must have a responsible adult with them. 

Ron and his two sons are ready to work with you to learn this ancient art.

A little excitement and know-how is all you need to get started.  We got the know-how part, we just need you to get to our studio in Ft. Collins Colorado where Ron, Keith and Burt have been teaching others to learn do glassblowing. (Lampworking)


The glass n fire team are offering glassblowing lessons or classes as follows.

The time and costs are:

   2 hour lessons:

Book a 1 person class= $170.00 each  Buy now click here

Book a 2 person class= $150.00 each person Buy now click here

Book a 3 person class= $130.00 each person. Buy now click here

Book a 4 person class= $110.00 each person Buy now chick here

All the above lessons are group lessons!

$200 for a private single 2 hour lesson!

Please contact Ron at or call 970-402-3280