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Glass Blowing Classes

Learn Glass Art from the  Professionals.

 We use a torch and rods and tubs of glass to make our art.

The glass & fire team are offering glassblowing lessons or classes as follows, 2 hour group lesson


Book one person in a class= $170.00 each

Book two persons in a  class= $150.00 each person

Book three persons in a class= $130.00 each person

Book four persons in a class= $110.00 each person

Click here to Buy a class Now!

We offer a discount if you bring a friend to take a lesson with you, the more people the less each costs. Please contact Ron with your questions! ronmurphy@glassnfire.com or call 970-402-3280

We provide every thing that you will need for the class, especially how to do it safely. We only can teach students 16 years old and up. 16 and 17 year old students must have a responsible adult with them.