Octopus pendants are some of my favorite subjects to do using Glass blowing techniques! This little guy has been very popular and we have sold many of them the last few years. It is made by layering one color of glass over another. This changes the color and from its original. Kind of like a real Octopus that change colors according to their surroundings. We are fascinated by our natural world and spend much time studying nature and the many photos now available. We visit aquariums when we can and try to note the various textures and forms of the creatures that we make in our glass blowing studio.  Blown glass art and blown glass jewelry are our main focus here at Glass and Fire. It is a lampworking studio where we not only make glass but we teach glassblowing lessons to beginners. Our studio in Colorado seems like an unlikely place for so many sea life glass sculptures and ocean art to come from but we enjoy it.  We do lots of other types as well such as the western wild life art that has been popular for many years.


The Glass octopus jewelry pendant is about 2 inches long, and comes on a soft adjustable pendant cord. 

You may request a different color pendant cord also. We have black, blue, tan, lavender, brown, olive green.

You also may request it to come on a Silver Chain. Please let us know the chain size! 

G&F is ready to put some glass in your Life!

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