This Octopus pendant necklace is about 2-1/4 inches long and is mounted on a soft silk adjustable pendant cord. I use a type of glass that changes color when it is heated. Octopus in nature change colors for their own protection.

The Glass Octopus is part of a line of Blown Glass Jewelry by Ron Burt and Keith Murphy designed for both Men and Women. The Octopus is a symbol of flexibility and persistence. Known to many over the whole earth as a mysterious animal and yet curious by nature. I have been inspired by the Octopus and its slow deliberate movements as well as its readiness to escape when danger is near.  We often do the same using our abilities to escape from danger. This magnificent creature has many colors and forms. I have tried to capture the essence of nature and capture it in glass and express it in this art form. Our Octopi at Glass & Fire are very unique.  Order yours today!

Hot glass artist and sculptor.   Ron Murphy

We ship through USPS. All items are packed and boxed very well for shipping anywhere in the world. Our shipping price is for US only please contact us for world shipping. If you would like to ship to another country write to Ron at ronmurphy@glassnfire.com and he will give you a price that you may purchase through your Pay-pal account, using the E-mail above to send the extra shipping funds.

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Good service, good product

Alexandra on 17th Jun 2014

Payment, shipping and handling were easy and quick. Contact with the seller & artist was pleasant. The glass pendant was exactly as advertised, meaning it was just slightly different from the image on the site and AWESOME. Octopi rock.