The Hawksbill  Sea Turtle is known in Hawaii as Honu.  The sea turtles roamed the oceans since before the dinosaurs.  They represent longevity , as they have been known to live up to 150 years.  Hawaiian legends exalt the honu as the mythical mother and protector of all children, as well as a guide to voyagers. TheHawaiian word for turtle is "Honu" The tide pool back sea turtle pendant is my invention to represent the life we enjoy in and around the oceans. 

The hawksbill sea turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata) is a critically endangered sea turtle. The species has a worldwide distribution, with Atlantic and Pacific sightings.The hawksbill's appearance is similar to that of other marine turtles. It has a generally flattened body shape, a protective carapace, and flipper-like arms, adapted for swimming in the open ocean. The Hawksbill shells slightly change colors, depending on water temperature. While this turtle lives part of its life in the open ocean, it spends more time in shallow lagoons and coral reefs.

 All 7 species of sea turtles are endangered, however some are close to being taken off of the list but need our help so that that may happen! How can we help!  When you purchase this turtle from me I donate a portion of it to our favorite save the turtle fund. 

 When people see your sea turtle you can point them our direction and we will continue to support the endangered turtles. 



The Hawksbill Sea Turtle is about 1-1/2 inches long and comes on a .925 silver chain.


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Hawsbill Sea Turtle

Tim D. on 8th Mar 2018

My girlfriend loves it. All of her friends think it is beautiful


Karen Recktenwald on 2nd Jan 2018

I have purchased many, many necklaces, earrings and sculptures from Ron over the years for myself and as gifts. Everyone loves his work and the beauty of the items.