Glass Mermaid Pendant Jewelry.

Mermaid sightings are rare. This mermaid Pendant can be sighted around your neck on any special occation.  Mermaid jewelry has become quite the rage! This handblown glass jewelry mermaid pendant is a one of a kind. You can imagine that you will be the life of the party or the talk of the beach with this little gal around your neck.

 I am Ron the creator of this mermaid necklace and I have been making glass jewelry for almost 50 years now. I use a process to melt glass using a table top torch and I add glass colors and sculpt it to the shape that I desire.

Please check out our line of sea life and beach jewelry as well as sculptures.

This little beauty is about 3 inches long and is mounted on a silver necklace. You can request a colored adjustable silk cord instead of the chain if you would like!

The little Mermaid was inspired by my love for glass and nature. If you like Mermaids or know someone who does this will be the one for you! Other color patterns or sizes may be requested. I also do matching earrings or do a ring to match if you so desire.

Please if you like the mermaid please let us know on your social net.  Thanks  Ron Murphy

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A Mermaid of One's Own

Laura on 11th Mar 2013

I have a great fondness for mermaids because they remind me of my grandfather. You see, when I was little, we'd spend weekends at their house in upstate NY. He and my dad never missed a chance to fish on those trips. Once when I asked him what he fished for, he replied 'mermaids' and I have loved them because I loved him. Now I have my own mermaid to always remind me if my grandfather. And what a mermaid she is - delicate and graceful with mottled green color and flowing blonde hair slicing through the deep. I love her. Thank you.