Octopus Tentacle Jewelry pendant.

    This Octopus Tentacle is very popular for Guys! 

In February of 2012 we sent Keith my youngest son to Hawaii to look for new galleries for G&F.  He wore an Octopus tentacle pendant during the trip and it proved to be just what we needed to get in some of the Galleries that we now currently sell to. 

While surfing and walking the beaches many who saw his Octopus Tentacle pendant raved about it and wanted to know where he got it! When he told them that it is blown glass jewelry and that he had made it, they were blown away!  You will be too!  Pictures don't really do it justice!  The Tentacle Pendant  has all the suction cups on it. Be the life of your next beach or surf party with this octopus tentacle pendant!

It is about 2 inches tall and mounted on black adjustable cord. We also have another cord that you may request for guys.

The Picture only represents the one you will receive however you will probably not be able to see much difference in yours and the one pictured.

Thanks for looking into our gallery.

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