This purple glass hummingbird pendant was made by Burt Murphy he has not worked on hummingbirds for the last 15 years and as he got right back at it making these beautiful creatures it turned out well for him. He really enjoys making hummingbirds because his father Ron Murphy the master glassblower taught him when he was 16 years old. This pendant is a perfect gift for that special someone who adores these hummingbirds. They really are wonderful to watch, and would be a shame not to wear a piece of jewelry of such an amazing creature. Comes with an adjustable corded necklace from 18" to 22". Your choice of a thick or thin necklace.

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Hummingbird Pendant

Connie R on 8th Jul 2019

This is the most gorgeous hummingbird pendant I has ever seen. It is so beautiful I am scared to wear it, but I will wear it proudly because it is handmade and stunning!