A Sea Turtle Bracelets. New to our Jewellery line here at glassnfire

We have a Florida customer who is a diver and has seen much of the sea life that we have only dreamed of seeing here at Glassnfire. She has requested a matching bracelet to go with her octopus pendant and octopus earrings.  We are currently working on a Sea Turtle Bracelet for her to match her sea turtle pendant and earrings. 

 Some day we hope to have experiences first had like many of you have had. We love seing photos of animals that you have personally taken especially sea life. While we do other types of wild life animals and domestic ones as well such as horses and pets, our fondness is in the deep.  Blown glass lends itself to the ocean creatures. We support various sea turtle programs of which some use our sea turtle pendants to fund saving the sea turtles. Such as the Sea Turtle Restoration Program.


The Sea Turtle Bracelet may be made to size. It has an elastic band inside the beads that are made special to match the octopus colors. This one comes with a metal clasp that can be connected to adjust for your size. We would encourage you to give us your wrist size if possible. Put a string around your rist and then mark it and then measure its length to let us know how may inches it is. 

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