The blown glass Seahorse Earrings are about 1-3/4  inches long and are mounted on Silver plated ear wires. 

We can make the seahorse earrings to match the color of the seahorse pendants. 

Glassnfire has been dedicated to the art of changing nature wild life into glass sculptures and jewelery.  I am Ron the Hot glass artist. Let me make something for you. With my 50 some years of experience I can make almost anything. Our Sea horse sculptures and jewelry have come about because of my interest in nature and observing it very closly.  Each item is studied and then designed in a way to get the feel of what would express best that subject in blown glass art. 


Facts about sea horses:  Seahorses have interlocking plates on the outside of their body, and this covers a spine made of bone. While they have no tail fins, they have 4 other fins - one at the base of the tail, one under the belly and one behind each cheek. They are classed as a fish. Many seahorses mate for life. They are experts at camouflage.


Glassnfire holds the copy right for the sea horse earrings 2020


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