The blown glass Seahorse Pendant is about 1-3/4  inches long and comes on a silk adjustable pendant cord. You may request a different colored cord or a Silver necklace chain.


Inspired by my love nature and the ocean. I have visited Aquariums around the country and one of my favorites are the Sea horses. The Denver Colorado Aquarium has an especially nice display aquarium with many sea horses. I can stay there for hours just watching them.   Photo above is an example of the colors that they can have.

Facts about sea horses:  Seahorses have interlocking plates on the outside of their body, and this covers a spine made of bone. While they have no tail fins, they have 4 other fins - one at the base of the tail, one under the belly and one behind each cheek. They are classed as a fish. Many seahorses mate for life. They are experts at camouflage.

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