This blown glass Octopus Jewelry Ring is made to size, custom for you!

Perhaps you love the ocean or just the creatures in it.. Because of the Steampunk popularity we have come up with a number of Items that seem to fit into that line very well. Our Octopus ring is one of those items. While strictly speaking it is not steampunk because it lacks the mechanical look it does go with it! Let us know what you think of it! This little guy is new to our line. Several Octopus rings have gone out from our glassblowing studio.  We alway welcome feed back. Our ocean jewelry has been very popular and your feed back can help us come up with new items. So if you are a diver or do Sucba please let us know your ideas. Perhaps we can custom make something especially for you!


We do a whole line of different colored octopus pendants, broaches, and rings.  You could request it in a different color if so desired.

Click here click here for an Octopus pendant to match.


G&F always ready to put some glass in your Life!

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