Our tropical Humming birds were inspired by a few years living in Ecuador South America. As a family we did 5 years of voluntary work in Ecuador and we were able to enjoy much of the natural wild life and jungles during that time. We visited a wild bird reserve up in the Andes Mountains. Outside of Quito on a road to the coast we found the Humming bird reserve. They claim to have some 20 different species that feed at their reserve. We loved visiting and eating there all the while watching the Tropical Hummingbirds. They are quite different than the Humming birds that we have seen back home in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Colorado has some 10 different Humming birds. You can visit here to see the Humming birds in you state . From that site listed below are the different ones found in Colorado! Broad-tailed, Rufus, Black-chinned, Calliope, Blue-throated, Magnificent, Anna's, Ruby-throated, Broad-billed, White-eared, Green Violet-ear.

Our adventures proved to be very valuable because of glass Humming birds being imported from other countries we needed something to offset the sales we were losing to the imported Humming birds. At that time we were wholesaling Hummingbirds to Tourist gift shops for around $5.00 and the store in turn would sell them for $10.00 Read the story here!

To make a long story short I came up with a Tropical Humming bird designed after the ones we saw in Ecuador. Thanks to Luis A Mazariegos and his book about Hummingbirds of Columbia which I have a signed copy of. I had met him at a Humming bird festival in Arizona, and was inspired by his love for the Hummers.

As you can see I have had some success in learning how to survive and help others to do the same. Part of my fight against the low ball imports of other countries was coming up with the tropical Humming bird, and other items not easy to copy.

Hope the story inspires you also.


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