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Sea Life Glass Art & Jewelry in Fort Collins, CO

We are passionate about sea creatures. That is why we have over 80 different pieces of unique glass ocean art and jewelry. We also teach classes, so you can swing on by and take class or just pay us a visit at our working studio here in Fort Collins Colorado. Shop for sea life glass art and jewelry by clicking the store button in the menu bar and browse around or as we like to call it surf our ocean style glass art.

Glassblowing Classes

Adapted from Syria in 300 BC, the modern day glassblowing technique was perfected by The Roman Empire including adding pigment and texture to blown glass jewelry and vessels. Adapted from their various homelands, American glassblowing first came to the colonies in 1607 using mainly for windows and bottles. The studio glassblowing resurgence of the 1960s led to a renewed interest in fine glass art, jewelry and d├ęcor, where many small local glassblowing artist studios are producing their own unique products. Check out our latest schedule for glassblowing classes to see the process firsthand.